Occult Mafia Mistress

by Lucid AfterLife

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison ‘In All That I See’ is a massive Folk Metal track that draws you in from the start with its infectious hooks. The track ‘This is Real’ reminds me of Defryme in their prime. You’ve just gotta love the title ‘Retarded Owl’. And then the fourth track dropped and bam, they started to channel HED Planet Earth / D12 / Headcrash. I did not see that coming. Diverse much? Lovin this stuff. It's become one of my favourite EPs of all time. Go the Canucks!! Favorite track: THIS IS REAL.
Lute FP
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Lute FP So, their debut album reminded me a lot of pre-Mike Patton FNM, a la Introduce Yourself, and man, I really love that vibe. A little punk, a little rock, a little metal, a little Cali skate bum.

This EP reminds me of Mike Patton's FNM, circa King For a Day... Is that a bad thing? Nope, I just prefer the sound of the earlier stuff. Less artsy, more spunky, more funky. Regardless, this is a great band.
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Vancouver progressive groove rockers Lucid AfterLife are challenging musical composition with each song that they have been writing since 2012. Their name is more of a destination than a title for vocalist Nat Jack who hopes to inspire fans to be as unbridled as their music. The collective vision for the band is driven by Nat at the forefront, guitarist Thom Turner (Freya), Miles Morrsion on Bass, and Matthew Shearlaw on drums. Lucid AfterLife have had a chance to open for Ill Nino, Bobaflex, Moka Only, and ONYX.

The band’s diversity allows them to explore all creative avenues and continue to be a flexible band that could be hailed for their hip-hop sensibilities and rock dynamics in one review. Instrumentally they draw
This limited edition EP comes in special case that includes poster, sticker and signed compact disc. Each individual copy of the limited edition Occult Mafia mistress CD will be custom sealed with the Lucid Afterlife wax stamp of approval .

on their myriad of influences including David Bowie, Monster Magnet, Wu-Tang Clan, Led Zeppelin, and finally A Perfect Circle. ‘Meltdown’ was an EP for the band where their individual personalities began to fuse and create a sound that represented the band as an entity. In 2015 they release their first full-length ‘I AM’ proclaiming their solidified sound and identity as Lucid AfterLife.

Their next EP ‘Occult Mafia Mistress’ is a collection of songs that lyrically conjure out a certain aspect of Jack’s psyche, a part he is learning to respect and accept. It represents the part of humanity that remains hidden and needs to be drawn out from an internal dialogue that fans can have with each song. The writing process begins to take shape in the lyrics which touch on indulgence and encouraging everyone to enjoy all pleasurable aspects of life. ‘Occult Mafia Mistress’ will be available online at Spotify and iTunes. Release date to be determined.

1. In All That I See
2. This Is Real
3. Retarded Owl
4. Dont Waste My Tine (Time Killaz)


released December 13, 2016

EP Credits:
• All songs performed by: Lucid AfterLife
• All songs written by: Lucid AfterLife
• Produced by: Lucid AfterLife
• Mixed by: “Time Killaz” mixed by Skips Saylor @ Skip Saylor studios
• Retarded Owl mixed by Adrian shaw at Greenhouse Studios
• This Is Real & In All That I See mixed by Dan Caruso
• Mastered by: Dan Caruso
• Photograohy by-Fabrizio Belardetti
- Cover design by: Alethia Milian


all rights reserved



Lucid AfterLife Vancouver, British Columbia

With a sound as eclectic as the themes within its imagination driven walls, Vancouver hailing Lucid AfterLife has an international touring repertuar form North to South America .

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Out of the body into the sky
All of these dreams keep me wondering why
Is there a message in all that I see?

My intuition is guiding me

A man with an owl on his chest brought me to the quay
Showed me the fishermen by the water on their fancy boats of misery
They all talked of fortune, they all talked of fame
He just walked on by put his line in and shake
Out came a fish cut and ready to eat
He looked in my eyes and began to speak
He said take what you need and then go

How did I get in the desert
The city of angels has tossed me away
Lost on my own so far from the waves
A language of color invading my space
Clouded with fear
Why am I here
Who’s out to get me
Nothing is clear
For a moment in time I get some reception
And suddenly I just know
Track Name: THIS IS REAL
I know that it seems impossible
And it’s working out very slow
But let me assure you
This is Real

This is Real

They say we are all sinners
But what we did is worse
She could make it easy
I think she wants it to hurt
It’s a hard one to swallow
You have to tell her

This Is Real

I wanna drift away
Somewhere to cure the pain

This is something that can grave you
This is ours for sure
This is something that can save you
This is real
Hey You in the tree with the googly eyes
Oh you haven’t eatin yet the sun will rise soon
All the creatures stare they have no fear
It’s funny to believe the hunter lives inside
You think you are the owl
Cause the water has reflection
Rats seem so cunning
Not making the connection
Other point of view at least you can fly
Oh Retarded Owl you better eat
Or ya gonna die

Hoot Hoot goes the owl
Hoot Hoot in the night
Hoot Hoot in the dawn

They all see you coming
Oblivious you are
Blame it on the seasons
Blame it on the stars
Just can’t get those talons wrapped around the meat
You keep on smiling
Don’t recognise defeat
my times been wasted, i been lyin on the side of pavement.
im tired of waitin, abomination my heart is racin.
i see myself on the beach side with a whiskey bottle.
hittin throttles and gettin tipsy with sixty models.
but that aint happenin tonight so fuck it.
despite my budget im still livin this life, i love it.
these time wasters never stickin to they word.
so im still within the system while they chillin in the burbs.
and as far as they concerned, im a hooligan thats ludacris
im used to it i do this shit my crews usually loser pissed.
what can i say im just a product of my hardened passed
breakin fuckin bottles you can mop up all the shards of glass.
you tell me one thing but then you go do the other.
ill break ya drum set in half and make your vocalist suffer.
welcome to the gates of hell, merk is like the mastermind
and me and lucid afterlife are here to break you bastards spines

Time, they wanna waste Time

Left after death?
Your bills and your name
unless ya lucid
then crew illuminated in the brain
once again it's been stated by astrological scrolls
That Nat Jack & Merkules would be born to break the mould
It's been surfacing through certain sources
I'm a sorcerer focusing five major forces
this chorus speaks of Horus
scope of its important among a chosen few
wait I think this box for you
tick talk talk Boom

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