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AbNormal Listening Habits
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AbNormal Listening Habits As Lute FP states early and even some Patton era FNM ooze from this bands pores, it's just undeniable. It's all good they pull it off well, rock avant garde can be a bold to attempt when its done well it's mind opening.
Lute FP
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Lute FP Totally digging this. Bandcamp's 'recommended in blues rock' seems odd, as it reminds me most of early Faith No More-a little metal, a little hip-hop, a little punk, and a little of a lot more. But it definitely ain't blues rock in any conventional sense.

There is attitude and vision in this offering- it's one of those albums that throws so much into the mix that it sounds like everything and nothing you've heard before, yet never strays into artistic overindulgence.
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released July 17, 2015

Lucid After Life consists of:
Guitars: Diego Avila
Bass: Kyle Arellano
Drums: Matthew Shearlaw
Lead Vocals: Nathaniel Jack

**All songs written and performed by: Lucid After Life
*All Lyrics by: Nathaniel Jack
Cover Art: Sangito Bigelow
Produced by: Nathaniel jack

Recorded at:
Greenhouse studios - Engineer: Ryan Shaw
Fiasco Studios - Engineer: Suryakiran Mukkavilli
Aurora studio -Engineer: Darren Lee

**See song info
*I'd Love To Change The World written by Alvin Lee


all rights reserved



Lucid AfterLife Vancouver, British Columbia

With a sound as eclectic as the themes within its imagination driven walls, Vancouver hailing Lucid AfterLife has an international touring repertuar form North to South America .

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Track Name: I AM
It's all I ever...

It's what we trust
It's what we trusted
It's all I ever known

Your not god anymore
Your not god any longer
Your not god anymore
Track Name: Lillith
Give your life to this woman she will take it away
Hold it for ransom, dangle it in your face
Gets all her pleasure feeling control
You’re a puppet
Sucks all your love, cries out for more
More more more
When your sucked dry she walks out the door
You’re a puppet

The look in her eyes give her away
Give for one second take for the day
Couldn’t escape even if you tried
You’re a puppet
Hear lips blood red her heart black
Queen of spades and you are her Jack
May read her face but she’s got the deck stacked
You’re a puppet

All that you say and all that you do
Comes from your heart and it comes back to you
In the form of disaster
Don’t be surprised
You’re a puppet

Rip those strings
Tear those strings
Toss those strings
And the pain that they bring
Track Name: A.O (Alpha Omega)
Lesson of a lifetime, time management
Finally the final exam is handed in
Hour glass flippin
The lessons branded within
The final note played on the mandolin
Body returns
A guest
A quest
Forever burn
Unless within the urn
Earn wages by work, never wait for a turn
The wheel of fortune tune for the show
Hold what you learn
Throw it in the pan ya, till you understand the
Point of the circle and drop the dress rehearsal
Shakespeare is dead but Im born again
Just a another skull on a rope till I reach PERFECTION

Said you gotta let it fly away
weren't meant to see another day

One plus One is two
Thats how it grew
Two plus two is four
Death at your door
Four plus four is eight
Infinite fate
You've been trying to make it count
But your a little too late
Track Name: Mother
Take me to your mountains
Test me with your storms
The strong will survive

Rise, Rise, Rise
But still grow from below

Rip right through your heart
Do you know all they do
is take & take & go

Rip through your heart
Take what they can
This is so

From my Mother

This is so my Mother
Track Name: Price Is Right
I wanna be a rock star baby
What's the magic
I wanna be a rich one honey
What's the magic
Top hat limousine driver
Whats' the magic
Wanna spend like there's no tomorrow
What's the magic spell

Just wanna get this pain out my belly
What's the magic
Just wanna get my rent by Monday
Whats's the magic
Sick and tired of the same bus driver
What's the magic
Just want enough to make it till tomorrow
What's the magic spell

Oh it's gonna take sacrifice
A little bit of blood, sweat, tears and strife
or it's gonna take a sacrifice
You want it know
It'll cost your life

Now your a rock star baby there's your magic spell
Oh ya your a rich girl honey the whole world can tell
I'm your top hat limousine driver and your doing well
When it's all gone tomorrow
I'll see you in hell

Thanks for your life
Thanks for your light
The price is right
Track Name: Dope'n Dhamma



Track Name: Love Is Beyond
Follow the dream and what I say in it
Love is the bond the grave it goes beyond

Write a sigil of your love baby
Make it out to the one you'll capture
is it written in your blood baby
i'll be with you even as a ghost

When I'm in your mind pyramids align
Pyramids align when I'm in your mind

Write a sigil of your love baby
Make it out to the one you'll capture
Is it written in your blood baby
I'll be with you even as a ghost

Love is beyond

Love is bond
Love is right
Love is bond and love is right

Through the ether and through the veil

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